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If you want to use video to grow your online presence, The Video Playbook is for you.

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The Ultimate Online Video Playbook...
From The Desk Of Glen Kirkham
Blackpool, UK
Video is the most powerful communication tool on the planet. Learning how to master the skill of video content can take your business to another stratosphere. 

So... How do you take someone from randomly stumbling across your content online, to engaging with your business and buying your stuff? 

The answer to this question is why I created The Video Playbook.

Let's Transform Your Video Game...

What It Feels Like When You Implement...
The Video Playbook
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What You're About To Learn...
Here's What To Expect...
Dominate Your Niche
How to consistently generate massive views, even in super competitive niches. I've had multiple successful channels in the football niche, which is one of the most competitive niches in the world.

How To Grow Across All Platforms
How to take your scroll-stopping blockbusters and use them to generate views across all of social media... TikTok, X, Instagram, Facebook and beyond.

Build Your Business
Grow your business, build your customer base & increase your income using evergreen videos as the hook to get people to purchase your products and services.

The Endless Content Machine
Using AI to generate an endless amount of content possibilities. Nail your niche and let Chat GPT come up with an unlimited amount of content for your videos.

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Dean Stobbart - 442oons 
4m+ Subscribers

"Glen is unbelievable with video. His ideas, his work ethic and his imagination are second to none. We've had some real big hits off the back of his methods and regularly pick that mad scientist brain of his!"

Simon Wilson - Vlogger
1m+ Subscribers

"I met Glen before I had my first 1,000 subscribers. We sat in coffee shops and talked through YouTube, how to engage an audience and what really works on the platform... Needless to say, his advice is priceless"

Samuel Leeds - Property
1m+ Followers

"I've found myself more than once picking up the phone to Glen if I'm bereft of ideas and he always comes up with the goods. If I need a new way to connect with my audience or a new angle to try, Glen is the guy to go to"
Here's What's Inside
  • 2 Hour Content Call Replay: Unlock my video playbook, responsible for 50 million views and 200,000 subscribers.
  • The Endless Content Engine: How to make sure you always have ideas for content.
  • The AI Flywheel: How to use AI to strip down the amount of time it takes to generate content.
  • How To Build A Team: So you can spend your time doing what you love.
  • The Lead-Magnifier: Create an automatic ongoing system to bring leads through to your offers.
  • And Much, Much More...
Are You Ready to Skyrocket Your Video Presence?

"The Video Playbook," is your ultimate guide to mastering YouTube and TikTok. This exclusive 2-hour workshop replay is designed for content creators, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to build a powerful online presence through video. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to elevate your existing channels, this playbook is packed with actionable strategies and expert insights.

What You'll Learn

YouTube Mastery:

Channel Setup and Optimization: Learn how to set up your channel for success, from creating an eye-catching banner to optimizing your channel description.

Content Strategy: Discover the types of content that attract and engage your target audience.

SEO and Tags: Uncover the secrets of YouTube SEO to make your videos easily discoverable.

Analytics Deep Dive: Understand your analytics to refine your strategy and grow your channel.

TikTok Domination:

Profile Optimization: Set up a profile that stands out and attracts followers.

Viral Content Creation: Learn the elements of creating viral TikTok videos that get thousands of views.

Engagement Hacks: Boost your engagement with tips on trends, hashtags, and interaction.

Monetization Tips: Explore ways to monetize your TikTok presence and turn followers into customers.

Why Choose "The Video Playbook"?

Expert Insights
This workshop is led by an industry expert with years of experience in video marketing. Get insider tips and proven strategies that you won't find anywhere else.

Actionable Steps
We break down complex strategies into simple, actionable steps that you can implement immediately. No fluff, just results-driven content.

Real-World Examples
See real-world examples and case studies of successful channels. Learn what works and how you can replicate their success.

Lifetime Access
Purchase once and get lifetime access to the workshop replay. Revisit the content anytime to refresh your knowledge and stay ahead of the curve.